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Name in full:


Telephone:                                                     Email:

Aim of study / what questions does your study aim to answer?

Describe the background to the study
Clearly state the problem or reason for the study

Methodology / Practical work
Describe what you are going to do, giving an idea of how much work is involved, such as sample sizes and sites / geographical area.

Study outputs
Describe the significance and outputs of the work i.e. what new things we will learn about Suffolk natural history from the study

Say when the study will start and finish (approximately)

Bursary applied for (Morley, Chipperfield, Cranbrook, Rivis or Simpson)

Sum applied for     £
Give details of how the bursary will be spent: (travel, equipment etc.)

Details of any other funding for this study, confirmed or applied for

Publication for report
Which publication would you like to publish the report in (Suffolk Natural History, Suffolk Birds, White Admiral, other)

Are you willing to give a talk to members of the Society?     Yes / No
(NB. Applications will be favourably viewed if they aim to disseminate information gained during the work, for example, by giving a talk, running a workshop or involving others in the study.)

Are you a member of the Society     Yes / No

(NB. This is not a requirement)

Applications may be made at any time. Suffolk Naturalistsí Society Council aims to inform the applicant of the application result within two months from the time of submission.

Please send your completed application to:
Gen Broad, Hon Secretary, Suffolk Naturalistsí Society, c/o The Museum, High Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 3QH Or email: