Occasional Meeting with Ipswich & Colchester Museums
“The Year of the Fly”
With Dr Erica McAlister of the NHM London

To be held at the University of Suffolk, Waterfront Building
on Sat Nov 30th 2019 at 2pm

    Dr Erica McAlister; Senior Curator, Diptera and Siphonaptera at the Natural History Museum, is also President of the Amateur Entomologists' Society (AES) and Author of 'The Secret Life of Flies'. Those of you on Twitter may well have also come across her as @flygirlNHM.
If you haven't already succumbed to her enthusiasm for all diptera then please listen to her programme in the BBC Radio series 'The Life Scientific with Jim Al-Khalili. It will change your apreciation of flies forever and is still available
Click here to launch the BBC website and listen to Erica before our meeting.

The SNS is supporting this informative and completely free meeting which gives the chance for all naturalists to hear more facts about the secret life of flies, including we hope some that will be in Erica's second book, in the very new lecture theatre of the University of Suffolk.
CLick here to visit the Museum website page about this event.


Phasia hemiptera a parasite of Heteropteran bugs    The year 2019 was formally designated as international "Year of the Fly" at the 9th International Congress of Dipterology in Windhoek, Namibia in November 2018. This year is intended as a celebration of flies and their role in nature and human society. During 2019 the intention is for the fascinating world of flies to be revealed to a wider audience and encourage interest in the group and to educate the general public about the diversity, significance and beauty of flies and how they affect our lives. "Year of the Fly" is also an opportunity for fly specialists to showcase their research work and new discoveries in the field and make these more widely known.

Campsicnemus magius. A Suffolk
priority species associated with saline lagoons

The fly above to the left is Phasia hemiptera a parasite of Heteropteran bugs

On the right here is Campsicnemus magius. A Suffolk priority species associated with saline lagoons

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