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General Data Protection Policy

Background to the policy

The general data protection regulation (GDPR) is a new EU law that will come into effect on 25 May 2018 to replace the current Data Protection Act. It's the biggest overhaul of data protection legislation for over 25 years, and will introduce new requirements for how organisations such as the SNS process the personal data of our members and non members who buy from this website or attend our conferences.

Under GDPR we need to explain clearly why we may collect personal data and how we intend to use it. The policy below explains all this. Members and conference goers will soon receive an email (or letter) asking for their consent to hold their specific personal data.

PLEASE read both the policy below and your email / letter when it arrives. If your consent is not forthcoming WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO CONTACT YOU AGAIN and we do not wish to lose you from the Society or your attendance at conferences.

DOWNLOAD ... The GDPR Policy is also available to download here as a pdf

Suffolk Naturalists’ Society Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal Data held, how it is used, where it is stored, who accesses it and how; and the process for amending your data or removing data when it is no longer needed.


This policy describes how members’ data is held and used by Suffolk Naturalists’ Society. The policy has been agreed by SNS Council and forms part of the society’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) May 2018.

Personal Data held

In order to provide membership services, Suffolk Naturalists’ Society hold all or part of the following personal information on a computer:

    Member’s ID – a numeric identifier to avoid confusion over similar names.
    Member’s name
    Postal delivery address
    Member’s email address
    Membership category (e.g. “Individual”, “Family”)
    Date of joining
    Gift Aid registration
    Joint membership of Suffolk Ornithologists’ Group (SOG)
    Payment via SNS or SOG

How we use Personal Data for SNS Members

The primary purpose of holding this data is for Suffolk Naturalists’ Society to fulfil its obligation to send members their subscribed publications to the address they supplied.

SNS Trustees will use the data in the following ways:
    To send Suffolk Natural History, Suffolk Birds and White Admiral
    For mailing purposes, a spreadsheet containing only names and addresses is provided to the printers. This is deleted after use.
    To send reminders of SNS events to members via email
    To send occasional emails relating to surveys, events, requests for information and other topics appropriate to our role as a charity for Suffolk naturalists.

We do not store “sensitive personal data” as defined by the GDPR. We also do not buy data from third parties or perform research or profiling on any of the people whose data we record.

Suffolk Naturalists’ Society will not use its membership list to supply third parties with address lists or other information unless required to do so under UK law. Nor will Suffolk Naturalists’ Society use the data for fund-raising or direct marketing.

How we use Personal Data for people who buy from us

If you are not a member of SNS, but have purchased goods from our website, you are not kept on any email list and we would only contact you with regard to your purchase and nothing else.

How we use Personal Data for people who attend a conference

If you are not a member of SNS, but have attended one of our conferences, we would only contact you to inform you about future conferences in which you may be interested.

Storage of Personal Data

The membership data is held in a database on a Suffolk County Council computer. The computer is password protected and has up to date anti-virus protection software.

Access to the data is only available to Officers of the Society with whom access has been shared.

The database membership details are held for two years after membership has ceased, in order to validate accounts. Thereafter the record of every ex-member is deleted.

Access to Personal Data

Only the nominated manager of the data “Data Manager” (normally the Secretary of Suffolk Naturalists’ Society) may access the data and only for official Suffolk Naturalists’ Society business. If the Secretary is unavailable, another Council member may be appointed to take on that role. If this happens it will be documented.

Members may request, in writing. access to their own details for their own purposes. Proof of identity will be required before passing on this information. (For example, if a request is received, the email address or postal address must match those we hold). We will respond within the statutory limit of 40 days.

Changes to Personal Data

Members can request changes such as address changes in writing and must include proof of identity such as providing the old address or by sending from the email address we hold.

Deletion of Personal Data

When membership has lapsed due to resignation or death, the details of the member will be deleted after two years. This is to allow subscribers who have forgotten to renew to catch up, or to allow family members to continue membership. If a valid request to delete a membership record is received, this will be done as soon as it is confirmed by the member.

Policy Revised 14th March 2018

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