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Our 2014 conference 'Natures New Scientists'

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Paying by card:

1 We use PayPal to handle payments by Debit or Credit Card, although if you have a PayPal account you may also pay using that.

2 Whilst at the PayPal site click on "PayPal Check Out" or "Check Out, Pay without a PayPal Account" Either will take you to the Credit or Debit Card entry page.
After payment you will return to our website page which confirms your purchase is complete. You can also cancel payment before committing your purchase, scroll to the bottom of the PayPal page to see a link to Return to the SNS website.

3 You will get confirmation of purchase straight away from PayPal & another a day or so later from the SNS. This will be sent to the email address you give to PayPal so:
      Please check you enter your email address and all details carefully.
      Ensure your address and postcode are typed correctly as this will be used to send you our publications.

4 The SNS will not pass your details or email onto any third party nor will we send any messages that are not directly to do with your membership or SNS activities.

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You can also Join By Post, Pay by Direct Debit

The SNS / SBG has various membership categories, please read the information below then click on the link to download the application form, fill it in and send by post to the address given.

Membership Categories

All memberships are available for SNS only, SBG only or for both groups.
All prices are subscriptions per annum
      Student membership ... SNS 10, SBG only £10 or SNS & SBG 18
      Individual standard membership... SNS £15, SBG only £17 or SNS & SBG £30
      Family / Household membership... SNS £17, SBG only £20 or SNS & SBG £35

      If you want Student membership just download the form, and please also enclose a photocopy of your student card.

      Download our SNS / SBG Application Leaflet ...... Member form.pdf ~ 1.5 mb

      We have included a gift aid form which will allow the SNS & or SBG to reclaim the tax on your membership subscription if you pay tax at the usual rate. Please read and fill the gift aid form in if you possibly can as this helps us a great deal.

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